I am preparing to squeeze my size extra large body into an airline seat for the long trip to New Orleans.  Seeing my friends and sharing in the progress of the lower nine will make it all worthwhile.  If you feel the need to be inspired check out Help Holy


Feeding frenzy

Have you ever tried to follow the sourdough starter in Nancy Silverton’s La Brea Bakery book?  15 days to bread nirvana?  At least it better be bread nirvana.  I am on day 10 and am starting the three times a day feedings.  I forget to feed myself three times a day sometimes so am not sure this is going to work.  Also on day 12, I will be out of town so the last three days will be up to my husband.  Am I setting myself up for failure or fabulous?  We will see.

Following the lead

My best friend Jockomo went to the dog dentist today.  His companion Ruby moped but still secretly was enjoying being the only dog.  When did our animals become our children?  Is it the result of adolescence? or another sign of the detaching family.  A friend of mine told me a story about his parents.  For fifteen years the dog was the center of all of their conversations, the dog died and they got divorced.  What do you think?

Getting started

I am finding that getting started blogging needs some discipline. Guess that is why I am not a journal writer either.  I start one with good intentions and then within a week misplace it.  How has your week been?  I spent the weekend at the Cascade Zydeco Camp with a group of amazing people.  My husband and I used to Zydeco when we first met and we were trying to rekindle the flame.  Great music, I am so out of shape.  My knee was killing me now I am set to go to physical therapy because I am determined to dance again!!  Do you know about Zydeco?  It is this infectious wonderfully uplifting music that comes from the roots of traditional creole and cajun music and gets spiced up.

Queen Ida introduced me to this music very many years ago at Folklife in Seattle.  Check her out.  Clifton Chenier is credited as being the father of Zydeco  Look for Keith Frank for the exciting new generation.

To go with Zydeco, you need hot spicy food!  I will share some of my recipes in the future.

Hello blogging world!

Ok, so I turn on the TV or listen to NPR and all I hear is bad news.  I know that the sky is falling yet my family is going through what hundreds of other people are out there.  My husband is unemployed and I am in graduate school ready to face what opportunities?  In the meantime though we just need to live our lives.  I like to try to live like the earth matters.  How about you?  This is an experiment for me to try to blog everyday about the every day.  What is my every day? I cook, I read, I garden, I watch TV, I go to graduate school, I enjoy my family and dogs.  I also try to stop a few bad developments and particulary am committed to preventing any new nuclear plants to be built.

In my blog, I will share my travel back in time as I become my mother the canner and extraordinary cook.  If you are lucky, I will share some of her recipes.  I will share the steps that my family has been taking to be more energy efficient and sustainable.  If you choose to read and converse with me maybe we will just exchange common sense suggestions on how to make this world less crazy.