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Check out Solar City’s leasing program

We have been leasing from Solar City for a year now.  Our utility bills are lower and we know that we have a smaller carbon footprint.  Check this out.  Unfortunately it isn’t available yet in all states.

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NRC freezes relicensing

Yesterday the Nuclear Regulatory Commission figured out that they should put the brakes on relicensing nuclear reactors as long as they can’t figure out what to do with the waste.

Dear NRC Chair McFarlane,

Thank you for doing the right thing.  A moratorium on relicensing is exactly what we need right now.  We need to have the opportunity to look at the big picture of deteriorating reactors and increasing stockpiles of radioactive waste.  In the aftermath of Fukushima, we need to take the time to carefully consider our nuclear future.  The CFO of the Bonneville Power Administration recently pointed out that the early relicensing of Columbia Generating Station offered a reprieve from the cost of decommissioning.  We can’t use the cost of clean-up as an excuse to continue making radioactive waste despite the concerns of future storage.  We can’t continue to push this responsibility on to future generations.  We need to give our investments in renewable energy and efficiency the opportunity to give the nation clean energy by phasing out these dangerous plants.

The nation will by the NRC’s action, finally have an awareness of the problem that we have created for ourselves with the huge accumulation of high-level radioactive waste at nuclear reactor sites all across the nation.

We need a solution, a long-term solution, that we and our children’s great grandchildren can live with.  Experienced nuclear technical experts and environmental advocates currently propose that we follow the hardened-on-site-storage  (HOSS) principles.  Click here for the HOSS Principles as presented to the Blue Ribbon Commission by the Sierra Club and allies.

This action by the NRC gives us all hope that the nation will develop a plan to proceed safely with this deadly legacy of radioactive material.

Thank you from a greatful nation!

Ruby the Setter

Ruby the Setter

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petsOur four footed friends

My Irish Setter, Ruby was limping this morning.  I don’t know how it happened.  The Vet says it looks more like a sprain.  The only reason I could take this dignified picture of her is that she is on pain meds.  When will they invent a way for us to really communicate with our companion pets?  When she looks at me lovingly, is she really thinking that I should give her a treat or take her for a walk right now or else just stop talking and go away.  Irish Setters are kind of like cats, they like to be alone sometimes, other times they are all over you specially when you are wearing black and heading out the door for something important like a job interview.

Hiroshima Day

This is a day that always makes me pause. My love for Japan and the Japanese people was developed during my three years of living in Japan as an impressionable teenager. Under the formal politeness, I found curiosity, flashes of brilliance and warmth that have carried through my life. Although I am definitely not OCD, the calm clean lines of a traditional Japanese garden transports me to a beautiful peaceful garden at an Inn on top of Kamakura Yama. I still laugh at silly Japanese TV shows, sumo wrestlers and crazy color combinations. Where would we be without Manga? The flavors of Japan are wonderful. We watched Jiro’s Dreams yesterday and I could taste the Tako (0ctopus) on the screen.  Are these the same people that are guilty of the rape of Nanking? Are these the same people that we dropped a nuclear bomb on? Is there really anything that justifies that kind of destruction?
Now we have the issue of Fukushima. The world seems to be taking a back seat to this crisis because it hasn’t affected us yet. Do we really know how it will affect us in the long run? Why isn’t there more of an outcry in this country? Is the food that I am growing in my organic garden really safe? How much radiation are we being exposed to? Will they tell us or are they too afraid of panic and economic loss that we will continue eating radioactive food in ignorant bliss? Do me a favor and ask the USDA if they are testing animals for cesium? After Chernobyl, sheep in England were taken off the market because of high cesium levels. How about Hillsboro, are our dairy cows eating radioactive grass? Do I want to know?  I am not sure.
Makes you feel kind of helpless doesn’t it. So take a deep breath, send a thought or prayer out for the people who have been harmed by our splitting the atom, pray that no one ever feels desperate enough to drop another bomb and consider asking your local utitlity to stop buying nuclear power because we don’t need any more Fukushimas.

Purple is good for you!

Mashed Purple Cauliflower

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