NRC freezes relicensing

Yesterday the Nuclear Regulatory Commission figured out that they should put the brakes on relicensing nuclear reactors as long as they can’t figure out what to do with the waste.

Dear NRC Chair McFarlane,

Thank you for doing the right thing.  A moratorium on relicensing is exactly what we need right now.  We need to have the opportunity to look at the big picture of deteriorating reactors and increasing stockpiles of radioactive waste.  In the aftermath of Fukushima, we need to take the time to carefully consider our nuclear future.  The CFO of the Bonneville Power Administration recently pointed out that the early relicensing of Columbia Generating Station offered a reprieve from the cost of decommissioning.  We can’t use the cost of clean-up as an excuse to continue making radioactive waste despite the concerns of future storage.  We can’t continue to push this responsibility on to future generations.  We need to give our investments in renewable energy and efficiency the opportunity to give the nation clean energy by phasing out these dangerous plants.

The nation will by the NRC’s action, finally have an awareness of the problem that we have created for ourselves with the huge accumulation of high-level radioactive waste at nuclear reactor sites all across the nation.

We need a solution, a long-term solution, that we and our children’s great grandchildren can live with.  Experienced nuclear technical experts and environmental advocates currently propose that we follow the hardened-on-site-storage  (HOSS) principles.  Click here for the HOSS Principles as presented to the Blue Ribbon Commission by the Sierra Club and allies.

This action by the NRC gives us all hope that the nation will develop a plan to proceed safely with this deadly legacy of radioactive material.

Thank you from a greatful nation!


Trying to start this up again

Many things have happened in my life since the last post.  I graduated from Marylhurst University with a MBA in Sustainable Business with a concentration on renewable energy.  Quite a mouthful but what does it really mean.  I organized a Sierra Club No Nukes Strategy Summit in May.  85 people came to DC for it.  As I was in the midst of planning, I was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes and told to get more exercise.  A desire hindered by the accident I had in November that really wrecked my knee.  Challenges to overcome.

Still have the same husband and great dogs!  My vegetable garden is going this year despite my lack of attention to it.  I think the pumpkin vines are going to take over the yard.  Maybe it is a Fukushima effect.  I need to get Miriam out with her geiger counter.

One thing for sure that isn’t radioactive is what is in the bowl in the picture.  Mashed cauliflower! Purple Cauliflower is supposed to have super food quality and anti oxidents and all that.  Pretty astounding color!!